Welcome to the BaerGround!

Join Abroad American on Twitch and become a member of the BaerGround - our streaming space named after the stuffed teddy bear I *ahem* totally soberly purchased during my first week in Germany.

On my stream I play various games myself, with chat, and with friends as well. I also do Dungeons & Dragons writing / DM session prep for the variety of groups I'm involved in.

I'm always open to questions about moving abroad, living in Germany, etc. while I'm streaming. The less organized streams I do on the weekends are intended to be the open forum for these questions.


All times shown are Central European Time, UTC + 1, usually 6 hours ahead of US Eastern Standard Time.

Mondays @ 20:30:
D&D 5e session recap, planning, and further world building / writing

Wednesdays @ 20:30:
Games! Currently playing through Divinity: Original Sin II with friends

Saturday / Sunday @ 13:00 (not every weekend):
Just chatting with chat - some games, some D&D, Q&A, whatever!