The title of this page may be a bit misleading because I am not on a study abroad program here in Munich. I am doing my whole Master’s Degree here, not just an undergraduate semester. However, I think that much of the information I will have here, as well as many of the experiences I’ve gone through in this process, can definitely benefit you college kids.

Life as a Master's Student in Germany

A crisp and sunny spring morning, not pictured: the omnipresent butter pretzel and coffee.

Life as a Master's Student in Germany

Master’s Student Life in Germany: Class and Exams

It is worth noting that in this post I portray student life in Germany from a master’s student perspective. My point of view is based on my personal experiences …

Study in Germany

Study in Germany: Applying to Master’s Programs

I’ve been meaning to write something like this for some time. I was finally spurred into writing about applying to study in Germany by being connected with someone currently …

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Master's Programs in Germany

How to Find Master’s Programs in Germany

Before you can head to Germany for your master’s, you have to apply; but before you apply, you have to find a program to apply to. In this post, …

Student Visa in Germany

How to Get a Student Visa in Germany

So you’ve been admitted to a degree program in Germany, and now you’re starting to think about the next steps. The first thing you’ll need to tackle is getting your …