Join me on Twitch and YouTube!

I stream on YouTube and Twitch. On Sundays I focus on German Learning & Moving Abroad streams with lots of input from chat. On other days, I play various games with chat and with friends via Discord as well.

I'm always open to questions about moving abroad, living in Germany, etc. while I'm streaming. You can participate in the Twitch chat right here on the site if you want, but of course you can head to my channel as well. When I'm live on YouTube you can watch here (below!), but participation in live chat is only available on the stream on YouTube.

Stream Schedule:

All times shown are Central European Time, UTC + 1, usually 6 hours ahead of US Eastern Standard Time.

Sundays @ 13:00 on YouTube:
German learning stream! Source material varies week to week, and I post covered vocab, concepts, and notes after the stream. You can access them here.

Wednesdays @ 20:30 on Twitch:
Games! Currently playing through Divinity: Original Sin II with friends. Also playing games like Gloomhaven, Old World, Solasta, Baldur's Gate, Civilization, even stuff like Stardew, etc. It's up to the day's vibe!

Fridays @ 20:30 on Twitch/YouTube (not every week):
Just chatting with chat - some games, sometimes with friends, some D&D, Q&A, whatever!