In the summer of 2015, after I finished my National Park camping road trip, The American West, and set off for Europe with an EURail Pass, a backpack, a laptop bag, and very little planning. This, my second “Journey” series, is about that trip, and I’m calling it “Railpass Europe”.

Railpass Europe, Ghent

The city center of Ghent, Belgium, as seen from the window of my hostel. This city and this hostel were an amazing start to my trip on the rails of Europe!

I began my trip by flying to Reykjavik, Iceland, but I won’t be including that part of my trip in this master page. I was so moved and so impressed with Iceland that I decided to return at the end of my trip through Europe and spend more time Exploring Iceland. My “European” trip began in London, England as so many do. I visited my English (and one Welsch!) friends in both London, and a town in Oxfordshire, Henley-on-Thames. That time of the year is the annual Henley Royal Regatta, a rowing race accompanied by a giant party. Maybe it’s the other way around, but either way, there were rowing races and good times. From England, I went to Ghent, Belgium, via the Channel Tunnel.

Once in Ghent and on the continent, I began the rail part of my journey with a rail pass from Eurail. The first leg of my rail-based journey was from Ghent to Brussels to Frankfurt. Once in Germany, I explored Frankfurt, Darmstadt a nearby small city 20 minutes from Frankfurt, and Munich. From Munich, I hopped on a train ALL the way to Budapest, Hungary to meet up with some other friends who were traveling too. We explored Budapest, then Vienna, Prague and ended up in Munich because they wanted to see it.

They returned to the States, I kept traveling by taking an overnight train to Rome. I spent only a couple of days in Rome, before catching a train to Ancona and then a ferry to Split, Croatia. I fell in love with Croatia, spending time in Split, a small town near Plitvice National Park, and Zagreb before heading back up to Munich for a day or two to gather myself for the last leg of my trip. I took the ICE train up to Hamburg and spent a few days seeing that German city, trying to decide which university to go to in the Fall. Finally, from Hamburg, I flew back to Reykjavik in Iceland to cap off my trip. Again, my posts about my visits to Iceland will be on the page, Exploring Iceland.

Railpass: Europe

Stops Along the Way