Doctor in Germany

As if actually physically moving to a new country wasn’t hard enough, then proceeding to create a whole new life for yourself there can be overwhelming too. I’m still adjusting to living in Germany, but maybe my experiences can help you avoid some of my mistakes. Maybe this site can help you to take advantage of the right moves I’ve made along the way.

Living in Germany

It’s probably important to note my perspective before I continue on about life here. I worked for two years in Chicago, commuting by Metra out of the city to the office in the suburbs most days. After leaving my job, I traveled both the US and Europe during the summer of 2015. After which, I settled down into life as a Master’s student, a life decidedly different from the one I was living in Chicago. As a result, some of my experiences probably relate to readjusting to the student lifestyle in addition to adjusting to a new country.

Technical University of Munich, Living in Germany

Moving to Germany from the United States isn’t the biggest of changes out there, but as with any major change – it isn’t without its difficulties! I’ve encountered a few major differences such as language, food, and transport, in addition to a lot of little differences that really accentuate the unique aspects of the culture here. Some of these adjustments are easy and don’t take much time to become a habit. However, other adjustments can present a challenge. Getting used to the different traffic regulations here can be frustrating at best and downright dangerous at worst. To help you out, I will curate my posts about living in Germany here. If you can’t find what you need, I suggest searching on the ToyTown Germany forums.

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