As per the FTC’s rules set in place in December of 2009, I have to disclose the ways that I am compensated by or connected to  the various products or companies I write about on this site.

I haven’t yet, but I do plan to recommend gear and various things relating to travel or living abroad on this site – I will only ever recommend products or services that I have used and that I genuinely liked. If I have been provided with a product to test and review, I will tell you that’s the case. I will tell you what I legitimately think is worth it and what I think isn’t worth your money. Any time that I share an affiliate link on the blog, I will notify you in the context of that link. Beyond that, I don’t have any ties to any sort of company. My thoughts and opinions are formed by my experiences and mine alone.

I don’t think it would be fair to you, the readers, for me to skip this. I’m not here to be a parrot for advertisers and companies. I’m here and I’ve made this site to share my experiences with you in the hopes that you can learn something. My aim is to get people out and traveling and experiencing new places, peoples, and cultures (and beers). Yes, I do want to make money with this website too. I would love for it to support me financially if that meant I could focus more on it and provide a better resource for you.