10 of the World’s Cheapest Destinations to Travel to in 2017

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Sarah over at contacted me about guest-posting this infographic to Abroad American a couple weeks ago. Click here for the original post. It demonstrates that your destination has a lot of impact on the cost of your travels, and that travel doesn’t always have to be expensive. It’s all about finding those lesser-known places before everyone else does!

Choosing the best place to travel to can be overwhelming, but with a thoughtful approach, you can easily narrow down your options. Consider your basic concerns, like the type of activities you and your travel companions would enjoy doing.

Some of the activities may include skiing, swimming, hiking or other physical pastimes. You should also determine if there are cultural activities, theater, dining and museums in the area. Other important things to consider include rest and relaxation, such as spa treatments or simply reading a book at the poolside.

It’s important to visit other countries and enjoy different cultures. This will help open your mind to new horizons and let you experience life in various ways. Traveling provides an opportunity for you to finally disconnect from your usual routine and forget issues or problems, if only for a days or weeks at a time.

Travel getaways give you time and space to figure things out and to let you have a fresh start. You may also want to travel alone so as to enjoy solitude or the company of your fellow travelers. The distance and time away could make you realize the importance of the people that matter most in your life.

Living life to the fullest is always a nice thing to say, but another to do. This is exactly why you should go overseas to take in a different environment. Why don’t you visit these popular, or some not so popular (but still awesome) destinations? Places like Thailand, Vietnam, Cuba, Czech Republic, Nepal, Nicaragua, Greece, Bulgaria, The Gambia and Egypt? There, you can enjoy your free time and experience everything they have to offer.

A Helpful Infographic

We have prepared an educational infographic regarding the cheapest places to travel during the holiday season. This will help you choose the best destinations that suit your budget. You’ can learn about the importance of budgeting without necessarily sacrificing quality travel!


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    Greece and Bulgaria are actually very high on my list of places to go next, so this guest post was a good place for even me to start thinking about travel plans.

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