The Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher Tour

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Of all the sights in Ireland, the Cliffs of Moher are probably one of the most well-known. They tower over the water on the western coast of the island, forming a stark edge between land and sea. To put the picture below into some perspective, the cliffs are over 700 feet above the water at their highest point. Shiiiieeeet. I can’t imagine what the view from a boat on the water would be like.

The Cliffs of Moher

A quick phone shot of the Cliffs of Moher. When the sun’s out, and probably even when it’s not, it’s impossible to take a bad photo of them.

The Cliffs of Moher

As we were on a long bus tour, just visiting the Cliffs, we didn’t have too much time to dawdle. Since the cliffs are so visually captivating, time flies when wandering along the muddy trail. We climbed up the main side of the path for the best views first, and then quickly hustled down it to get a quick view from the other side. Instead of writing a bunch of boring paragraphs, I’ll let the photos do the talking, and limit myself to captions below them. There’s not much need for words anyway, this place is popular for a reason.

More (rockier) Cliffs, and the Ruins of a Church

After leaving the Cliffs of Moher behind, the coach continued up the coast for a short while before stopping for another photo op. More cliffs. These cliffs were devoid of the grass that covers the main attraction. Also, they weren’t quite as intimidating as the originals, but damn they were still worth the visit. There were no paths or guide rails here, just a bunch of rocks piled up, high above the water. Once we had finally had our share of cliff photographs for one day, we continued on with the tour. The next stop was the ruins of an old church, out of repair for quite some time. There were no closed off areas of the ruins. It was a little eerie inside, and I’m glad we stopped. I don’t normally like organized tours like the one I was on. Fortunately, I enjoyed this one and each of the stops we made along the way. My photos from these last two stops are below.


  1. OMG this is AMAZING. Just stunning. This is such a great visual breakdown! I am about to cry tears of happiness because we are going to Ireland in just a few months and doing a big ‘ole 10-day road trip through southern Ireland. I CANNOT WAIT. Did you go to Kinsale or Kenmare at all, by chance? Any food recommendations?! Heading over to your Kilkenny/Cork post now!


    1. Author

      So happy for you!! I wish I was planning to go back so soon! I’ve been twice, but both times were kinda rushed and way too short. I’ll have to head back in 2018 🙂

      Unfortunately, we did not. Only been to Dublin, Kilkenny, Cork, and some surrounding areas around Dublin and the spots we hit on this whirlwind bus tour. I really want to head back to Cork, though. I also need to hit Northern Ireland, I’ve got friends from there now, so they can show me around!

      Thanks for commenting, enjoy your trip! Send me some pics on FB, twitter/, or email at if you want. I’d love to see!

  2. Beautiful Photo Story! Looks like it was an overcast sky when you were there – You managed to get beautiful pictures because of that :)….

    1. Author

      Thanks for commenting, Aarti!

      It certainly was overcast, and actually it started to rain (in true Irish fashion) as we packed back into the tour bus to continue on from the cliffs. But yea, the clouds led to some great HDR pictures!

  3. Wow, that landscape is amazing!
    I have never been to Ireland, but I’ve heard only good things about the towns as well as the scenery.
    From the pictures it reminds me a bit about Madeira’s Ponta de Sao Lourenco, but that was void of vegetation but still an breathtaking spot.

    Have you been to Madeira?

    1. Author

      Hey Iulia, yea, it’s a lot to take in up on the cliffs. There’s a lot of pretty views, and a lot of tourists trying to capture them (and hopefully take some time to appreciate them, too!) I have not been to Madeira, in fact, I’ve never even looked up going there before! Sounds like I’ll have to keep looking out for deals to get myself there. Looks beautiful!

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